Information regarding the coronavirus

Current Information [16 March 2020, 17:06] According to the state examination office for students of medicine and pharmacy, the Minister of Health of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has instructed that the state examinations in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy "will again be held according to plan" from Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Those to be examined will be informed by the state examination office.

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Information on questions regarding classes and examinations in the context of corona virus

Updated: March 18, 2020

The current development of the coronavirus pandemic has far-reaching consequences for teaching, studies and examinations in the summer semester 2020 at JGU. The start of the lecture period in the summer semester 2020 will be postponed to April 20, 2020 (see below, point A.1). In addition, from Monday, March 16, 2020, no more examinations will take place at JGU; however, coursework and examinations that do not require physical presence at JGU can take place (see below, point A.2).

In the following, you can find general information on current decisions, possible measures and guidelines. These apply to all parts of JGU, including the University Medical Center.

Questions regarding rules and regulations for examinations are especially important. All decisions must be taken based on the appropriate laws and regulations regarding examinations and against the background of the current situation. If the situation changes, decisions must be adjusted accordingly, if necessary. This means that no fundamental claim to permanent application can be derived from a decision if the situation changes. However, the fundamental principles of equal opportunities and equal treatment must always be taken into account.

Please note that all decisions on measures always depend on the current assessment of the development of the pandemic, which is still very dynamic. It is therefore very likely that decisions and measures will be specified and modified in the coming weeks. However, we are making every effort to update this information and advice on a daily basis.

Regarding the difficult situation, we ask for your understanding that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer individual questions both from teaching staff and students. Therefore, please check whether you can find relevant information elsewhere at JGU or give us a little more time to specify the information on classes, coursework and examinations at JGU in the summer semester 2020. All departments and offices involved will make every effort to provide you with the relevant information in good time before the lectures of the 2020 summer semester begin (April 20, 2020).

A. Information on the current situation

a. According to the notification from the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture of March 13, 2020, the start of the lecture period in the summer semester 2020 will be postponed to April 20, 2020. However, in view of the development in the neighboring countries, we assume that there will be further and longer lasting restrictions regarding public life, so that the possibility of regular classroom teaching in the 2020 summer semester is rather unlikely. JGU is committed to enabling all students to do coursework and examinations, as well as to earn credit points. In order to give our students the possibility to achieve the defined learning goals and to take the relevant examinations, we ask our teaching staff, in coordination with the responsible committees and boards, to examine and prepare all feasible options for alternative forms of teaching (online-based courses, reading assignments, etc.) by April 20, 2020.

b. The introductory events for newly enrolled students scheduled for the week of April 6-9, 2020 will be cancelled as classroom events. All participating institutions are requested to develop alternative possibilities for information and orientation as soon as possible and to make them available in an appropriate manner.

In view of the exceptional overall situation, we have to accept that we may have to adjust the intended objectives for these events.

a. Due to the high risk of infection, all examinations are being cancelled as of March 16, 2020 until further notice. This applies to both oral and written examinations and to all parts of JGU, including the University Medical Center.

b. This does not apply to final theses (bachelor’s, master’s, Staatsexamensarbeiten, doctoral dissertations etc.) as well as to coursework and examinations (course papers, learning logs, portfolio examinations etc.), which do not require personal attendance at JGU, but can be carried out completely by electronic or postal means. These can be completed as planned and in accordance with the respective examination regulations. If you have any questions regarding further procedures, please check the website of the responsible examination office.

c. Due to the dynamic situation and unclear development of the pandemic, we cannot give any information on whether, when and in what way examinations can take place again in the course of the 2020 summer semester. We ask all JGU members, faculty, students and administrative staff for their understanding.

In principle, the respective examination boards are responsible for decisions regarding the study and examination performances prescribed in the examination regulations. In order to achieve a uniform approach as far as possible in view of the difficult situation, the university management has agreed on the following principles with the departments, faculties and art colleges listed below as well as their examination boards:

a. Written study and examination papers in accordance with the examination regulations whose agreed submission date is after 18 March 2020 can generally be submitted by 20 April 2020.
For final theses (Bachelor's, Master's, State Examination Theses) further extensions of the deadline may be granted. This is subject to the individual case examination by the responsible examination board.

b. Written study and examination performances already agreed upon can be withdrawn without giving reasons, i.e. they shall be considered as not agreed upon. Fundamentally excluded from this withdrawal regulation are final theses (Bachelor's, Master's, State Examination Theses).

c. Insofar as the examination regulations provide for the timely submission of written papers (final papers as well as written study and examination performances) in printed form, the timely submission is ensured by submitting an electronic version (pdf document) including the "insurance of independent production etc." specified in the PO to the responsible office (if necessary, state the exact e-mail address). If necessary, the printed version may be requested to be submitted by post within 10 working days.

If you make use of the general extension of time mentioned under letter a, you do not have to do anything; it is automatically considered as agreed and approved. However, if you wish to return your course and examination papers, you must make a written (online) declaration to the relevant institution with which the production was agreed. In any case, please make sure you check the websites of the respective departments, faculties or universities of the arts again.

All university events (not only classes and lectures) are being cancelled until April 20, 2020. Only in justified individual cases - if there is a special interest in the course and the risk of infection for participants can be minimized by appropriate organizational measures - such events can take place. Please contact the responsible dean’s office for the approval of the university management.

This also applies to study trips or other courses scheduled for this period.

Central student services, such as the University Library, the Data Center, Student Services (Studierendensekretariat), the Student Advisory Center and Career Service, Mental Health Services for Students, the BaFöG office, the International Office (services for incoming and outgoing students) are trying to ensure their service and advisory offers. However, the risk of infection for both students and staff must be minimized. For this reason and in addition to the regular on-campus services (information desks, office hours), these units will offer their services online and by email and phone and, if necessary, restrict the regular access options.

Please refer to the units or departments for more detailed information.

B. Questions and individual cases regarding teaching, studies and examinations

In the case of all questions concerning teaching, studies, and examinations, the appropriate legal regulations must be referred to, even under the conditions of an impending coronavirus pandemic and the resulting negative effects. This includes not only the respective federal and state laws (including the Infection Protection Act!) regarding studies and examinations, but also the enrollment regulations and the examination regulations for the respective programs. These regulations deal with the obligation to conduct and participate in courses, the withdrawal from examinations, and the handling of deadlines and their extension.

However, the legal provisions must be interpreted in a way that is appropriate to the situation. Accordingly, when decisions are made in individual cases, it must always be ensured that discretion as provided for in the examination regulations is used and applied according to uniform and transparent criteria and in the maximum interest of the students, without violating any legal provisions, in particular the principle of equal opportunities.

In general, the respective examination committee is responsible for basic decisions and individual cases; detailed information on the responsibilities can be found in the examination regulations. Therefore, the examination committee (or its chair) should always be consulted first in the case of any questions. Both teachers and students are bound by the decisions of the examination committee.

Any concrete measure regarding study or examination law in the context of the coronavirus pandemic presupposes a concrete health risk or impairment of health; an abstract risk scenario does usually not justify taking action or bringing a new measure into effect. Deviations from this are only necessary or justifiable if prophylactic measures are taken to protect the individual or the general public by official or governmental instructions or recommendations, even if these are not in accordance with the applicable regulations.

You have to produce proof for concrete health risks in accordance with the regular regulations. As a rule, a doctor’s note or an equivalent certificate from the Gesundheitsamt can serve as proof of risk. However, other circumstances, such as belonging to an at-risk group, e.g. in the case of pregnancy or a confirmed autoimmune disease is also considered sufficient proof.

Furthermore, travel from recognized high-risk areas, as identified by the Robert Koch Institute (, without a medical clearance certificate can be considered a concrete risk.

The following information on individual questions is currently available:

a. It is very likely that on-campus classes can only take place to a very limited extent in the 2020 summer semester. Therefore, it will hardly be possible to implement the provisions on compulsory course attendance as laid down in the examination regulations. The course teachers and the responsible committees and boards have to decide on the terms for successful participation in individual courses by the start of the lecture period. The lecturers and/or the student advising offices or examination offices will inform students in good time.

b. We expect that there will be adjusted regulations for the attendance in mandatory and elective courses. For examinations, however, the provisions as laid down in the examination regulations apply until further notice. This applies to the form and the duration as well as to the deadlines and modalities for registration for exams and repeat exams.

However, it seems permissible and appropriate to extend the usual three-day period for the submission of certificates to up to five working days. Furthermore, it seems appropriate, for the time being, to restrict the presentation of an official medical certificate to individual cases that are absolutely necessary and to accept a regular doctor’s note instead, even in the event of a repeat exam.

c. If students do not attend mandatory courses or examinations without submitting the relevant certificates such as a doctor’s note based off an individual independent decision made in fear of an increased risk to their health, the examination regulations regarding failure to attend, withdrawal etc. will apply.

d. However, if a student is demonstrably prevented from attending a mandatory course or taking an examination because they have been placed under quarantine or are visiting a high-risk area and are not able to leave the country, they will be considered as a justified individual case and the appropriate regulations apply.

e. The same applies to cases in which students were demonstrably prevented from meeting other deadlines, e.g. enrollment or re-registration deadlines, etc., and no rights for others have already arisen (e.g. when someone was admitted off the waitlist to a program with restricted admission). In these cases, deadlines were missed through no fault of the students, and accommodating regulations should be found to minimize the negative consequences for those affected. Formally, this is to be regarded as “reinstatement to the previous status” in accordance with §32 of the Administrative Procedure Act (Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz).

C. Information on application and student affairs

Opening hours and availability

a. Until further notice, the Student Service Center i will remain closed to the public.

b. Documents that you would like to hand in personally at the Student Service Center can be placed in the mailbox in front of the entrance to the Student Service Center (Forum 1, 1st floor) next to the glass door; the mailbox is emptied several times a day by members of the Student Service Center staff. The Forum buildings are closed between 8 pm and 6 am. During this time you can deposit your documents in the mailbox of the post office. (16.03.2020, Student Service)

The cash desk of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Mainz branch, is closed until further notice. Cash deposits can therefore currently only be made at branches of other banks. Please refer to the respective websites for information on the current restrictions.

The central second and third registration phases will continue as planned. Exceptions and deviations of individual subjects can be found on the Jogustine information pages at

Information for applicants and newly enrolled students


a. The admission procedure and enrolment for the summer semester 2020 will continue unchanged.

b. Please send the documents for enrolment by the method announced in the admission notice.

c. If documents for enrollment cannot be submitted to the Student Services Department in the required form within the specified deadlines, please contact the Student Services by telephone (06131-39-22122) or e-mail ( to clarify the procedure in individual cases. (16.03.2020, Student Service)

If proof of de-registration at the previous university cannot be provided at present, please contact the Student Service at so that the individual case can be clarified and enrolment for the summer semester 2020 can be made possible. (25.03.2020, Student Services)

All classroom-based introductory courses have been cancelled until further notice.

Please visit for regular information. We will announce there in due course when information for first semesters will be available and in what form. (17.03.2020, Student Service)

Registration without proof of a university entrance qualification is not possible according to the University Act. Persons who are taking part in the early Abitur in Rhineland-Palatinate and cannot present their Abitur certificate by the fourth working day in April due to the corona epidemic should contact the Student Service at so that the individual case can be clarified. (25.03.2020, Student Services)

There is no current schedule available in the central administration at the moment. We assume that information on this matter will be announced on the practical language entrance test page shortly. As soon as we know more, we will also inform you on the central information page.

If necessary, please contact the English study office in advance. (17.03.2020, Student Service)

For the application for the Master's program in winter semester 20/21, the existing deadlines and admission requirements still apply. To apply for the Master's programme, 135 credit points in the previous Bachelor's degree must be proven. (17.03.2020, student service)

The central administration cannot make any statement on this at present. Should alternative forms of examination be made possible, the departments concerned will inform the students accordingly (25.03.2020, Student Services).

Applicants who have been granted admission for the summer semester 2020 but do not wish to accept the admission or who wish to withdraw from the enrolment, which may already have been completed, must reapply for admission for the winter term 20/21. (17.03.2020, Student Service)


All newly enrolled students will receive their PUK and TAN by mail to the postal address provided in their application immediately after enrollment. (25.03.2020, Student Service)

Please contact the ZDV-Hotline ( with the following information:

  • Date of birth
  • Matriculation number (see Student ID)
  • Username (if already known)

The PUK will then be sent by post to the address saved in Jogustine. Please find further information on the Homepage of our technical support. (19.03.2020, KTCN)


As a rule, language certificates are admission and not admission requirements. They must therefore be submitted for enrolment or can be submitted after the application deadline.

Information for JGU students

a. If you intend to complete your studies at the end of the winter term 2019/20 and are no longer able to take the required examinations (oral or written examinations with attendance character) scheduled for the period from 16.03.-31.03.2020 due to the cancellation of the examination opportunities, please contact the Student Services by e-mail or telephone. The Student Services will examine the matter together with the responsible examination office/Study Office and grant an extension of the re-registration period for the summer semester for the affected students.

b. If documents for re-registration cannot be submitted to the Student Services Department in the required form within the specified deadlines, please contact the Student Services department by telephone or e-mail to clarify the procedure in individual cases. (16.03.2020, Student Services)

The last working day before the start of lectures is an important deadline for the procedures of the student service for registration, re-registration, etc. The university management has currently suspended attendance, including the start of lectures for the summer semester 2020, until 19.04.2020. As things stand, the last working day before lectures start is 17.04.2020 (25.03.2020, Student Service).

Please first contact the relevant study office to clarify whether your intention is a reason to withdraw from an existing examination registration for the summer semester or to receive an extension of the deadline. Then you apply for a leave of absence for "other reasons" at the Student Services Office and attach suitable proof of the reason for the leave of absence to the electronic application. (25.03.2020, Student Services)


a. If you have to submit proof of successful completion of your Bachelor's degree to the Student Services by March 31, 2020 and are no longer able to take the required exams (oral or written exams with attendance character) scheduled for the period from March 16 to March 31 due to the cancellation of the examination opportunities, please contact the Student Services by e-mail or telephone. The Student Services will examine the matter together with the responsible examination office/Study Office and grant an extension of the deadline for the students concerned. (16.03.2020, Student Services)

b. The same applies to the fulfilment of requirements within the framework of the Master's admission that should have been fulfilled by 31 March 2020. (16.03.2020, Student Service)

If you have passed all examinations for successful completion of your studies at JGU in the winter semester 2019/20, or if you wish to change to another university in the summer semester 2020 during your current studies, please apply for de-registration in the usual way.

If the final examination could not be taken because it was cancelled due to the corona virus, you must re-register for the summer semester 2020. If this applies to you and you have not re-registered, please contact the Student Service at (25.03.2020, Student Services)


A refund of the semester fee for the summer semester is possible with immediate effect in the event of de-registration (application for de-registration electronically by April 30 online via JOGU-StINe) and application for a refund of the semester fee also by April 30 using the appropriate form (at and enclosing the semester ticket. After April 30, no refund will be made according to the current state of affairs; however, the semester ticket can still be used for the summer semester 2020. (17.03.2020, Student Service)


If you were already registered for the Latinum examination in March 2020 and are no longer able to take this examination due to the cancellation of the examination possibilities, please contact the Studienbüro Geschichte by e-mail or telephone. (25.03.2020, Student Services)


This is not a statement that can be made at the moment, since the answer to this question depends on numerous other aspects (travel possibilities, etc.) over which JGU has no influence. Here, the JGU will have to find short-term solutions together with the foreign partner universities. (17.03.2020, student service)

Please contact the student service by e-mail from your student mail account ( They will check whether the information about the successful completion of the course has already reached the student service in another way. If necessary, an extension of the deadline will be decided upon if it can be proven that you were unable to submit your degree on time due to the Corona crisis.

Please check if you really want to exmatriculate. Alternatively, you can apply for a leave of absence; this interruption of your studies while maintaining your student status will cause the semester count to stop.

If you would like to de-register, you should apply for de-registration in the usual way (link to the Exma page here). In this case, you can only continue your studies after you have reapplied and been admitted. (25.03.2020, Student Services)

Information for foreign applicants

Exchange students

Please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to We will check your case and inform you by e-mail whether you may re-register at JGU for SoSe 2020. In the confirmation email we will inform you where you have to transfer the semester fee and what further proof is required. (17.03.2020, Student Service)

Please contact us as soon as possible ( and let us know that you cannot/do not want to come to Mainz.
JGU currently advises all exchange students NOT to travel to Mainz. If you have already paid the semester fee for the summer semester 2020 into the JGU account, it will be refunded to your account of origin without any further action on your part.
(Updated 19.03.2020, Student Services)


Please contact with your wish to enrol and we will give you all the needed information on how to proceed.
You will need the documents listed on your letter of admission. The enrolment application will be made available to you via Jogustine. If you have any questions regarding bank transfer or health insurance, please contact GIS-Services (Updated 19.03.2020, Student Services)

Studienkolleg/Preparatory College


We regret to inform you that it is not possible to apply to attend the Studienkolleg for the winter semester 2020/21 (autumn semester). The next semester for which you can regularly apply is the summer semester 2021 (spring semester).

If you want to prepare exclusively online for the Feststellungsprüfung in Nov/Dec 2020, you can apply for the external Feststellungsprüfung. Please note that if you do not pass the external assessment test, subsequent attendance at the Studienkolleg is excluded and you must have passed the assessment test after a maximum of 2 attempts. If you fail the Feststellungsprüfung twice, it is not possible to study in the Federal Republic of Germany. (Updated 19.03.2020, Student Service)

Preparatory German Course


We regret to inform you that it is not possible to apply to attend the preparatory German course for the winter semester 2020/21 (autumn semester). The next semester for which you can apply is the summer semester 2021 (spring semester). (Updated: 19.03.2020, Student Service)

Recognition of Foreign Certificates

If you do not currently have the opportunity to have your diplomas officially notarized or certified, you can initially choose not to submit the printed application including all necessary documents. Your application will be processed on the basis of the information provided online and uploaded documents. Please make sure that you upload all the documents required for evaluation (original language and translation if necessary) into the application. You will receive a provisional certificate with limited validity.

As soon as possible, you must submit the printed and signed application including all necessary documents. You will then receive a final certificate. If the submitted documents do not match the uploaded documents, no final document will be issued and the provisional document will be invalidated. (Updated 19.03.2020, Student Services)

Degree Seeking Applicants for the summer term 2020


Please contact the student service ( with your application number and describe the situation. Your request will be examined there and a solution will be sought. (19.03.2020, Student Services)

Currently, enrollment/re-registration is only possible by post. Please contact immediately with the subject "ZUL-O" + your application number. We will let you know how you can register.

You will need the documents listed on the letter of admission. We will make the enrolment application available to you in Jogustine. Please fill it out, sign it and send it together with all other documents by mail to the JGU Student Services. We will enroll you, or re-enroll you as soon as the documents and semester fee are available here. Please make sure that you enclose a copy of your passport (NOT the original passport). (19.03.2020, Student Services)

Applicants who have received admission but do not wish to accept the place of study offered with the admission or who wish to withdraw from the enrolment, which may already have been completed, must reapply for admission for the winter semester 2020/21. (19.03.2020, Student Services)

Degree Seeking Applicants for the winter term 2020/21

The application is made via Jogustine. Afterwards you print out your application form, sign it and submit it together with all the necessary documents to Student Services within the application deadline.

You are not able hand in the documents by post at the moment? Then please contact (subject: ZUL-O + application number). We will inform you how to apply. Please make sure that you upload all documents relevant for the application, i.e. certificate of recognition, proof of Master's entrance qualification (certificate and overview of subjects and grades) and proof of language skills.

You cannot attach officially certified copies to your application for admission because the relevant offices are closed? In this case you are allowed to submit simple copies of these documents. Please make sure that you still submit a complete set of documents with your application for admission. The checklist of your application will tell you which documents you have to submit to Student Services together with the signed application for admission.

D. What to do in case of an infection

In the case of a confirmed infection, the patient or their doctor must immediately inform their respective public health department (Gesundheitsamt), who will then initiate further steps. Additionally, information should be given to JGU’s Chancellor ( so that the necessary and appropriate measures can be taken in consultation with the authorities responsible.

The local Gesundheitsamt is the responsible authority. For Mainz, this is the Gesundheitsamt Mainz-Bingen. Information and contact details:

If you have flu symptoms requiring treatment contact your family doctor. Please call them in advance. Outside regular office hours, the medical on-call service (Ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst) is responsible for outpatient care (phone: 116 117, without area code).